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Build a winning culture with our all in one people management platform. Optimize the team performance and engagement even in remote or hybrid work mode.
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Quokka is your perfect place for..

Ever wonder what does Quokka perfect for?
Performance Management
Align your people's performance with the company's success.
Employee Engagement
Create a people-first culture by listening to your employees and recognizing good works.
People Analytics
Get rid of all the spreadsheets, go full digital with data driven insights.
Social Feeds

Socialize with your colleagues

Our employee home is where you can seamlessly interact with each other and keep yourself informed with all the information you need
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Praise and Feedback

Share valuable feedback

Share useful feedback with colleagues to help them grow and improve performance. Feedback can be open-ended or based on predefined competencies and company values.
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Goals Tracker and OKR

Easily create, track and manage OKRs

No more spreadsheet and cumbersome processes. Quokka provides you with a simple interface to help you roll out and manage OKRs frictionlessly, regardless of where your teams are.
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Performance Review

Create your own performance review

Customize your own appraisal scopes or choose pre-built templates for best practice.
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