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Track your goal progress without hassle. No more spreadsheets.
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Do weekly check-in to keep everything on top and everyone on the same page
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Improve your team performance with the data provided.

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Set and achieve measurable goals that enables better decision-making and drives improved outcomes.

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Boost productivity and communication within your team that facilitate better collaboration and team cohesion.

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Celebrate employee achievements and encourage positive behavior, promoting a positive company culture and increased engagement.

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Foster growth and improve performance with streamlined feedback system that simplifies the process of giving and receiving constructive feedback.

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Gather valuable insights from your team with our pulse survey feature that enables you to make data-driven decisions and take meaningful action.

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Accelerate OKR creation with AI

Using algorithms and machine learning, our AI-powered OKR generators quickly create customized objectives and key results aligned with users' goals, streamlining the OKR creation process and saving time.

Objectives and Key Results

Align your goals with the company

Stayed focus and aligned with OKRs. Built with an intuitive design to help you manage and track goals


Stay on top of things with Check-In

Plan your weekly schedule and share accomplishment with everyone with our simple to use  check-in tool. Your teams can stay on top of things and cut down on meetings and emails.

Pulse Survey

Understand individual and team performance

Keep your people engaged with our automated pulse survey. See the  engagement score and eNPS on a single dashboard

And more features..

Goal trees
Align your goals to meet company expectations and reach the with your team.
Organizational chart
Help your company build structure while stay transparent at the same time.
Would like to see your feedback or kudos on your slack?
Anonymous Feedback
Build a recognition rich culture and boost employee engagement by 10x.
Invite your colleagues and set up department, team, and roles.

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