Understand your people
with engagement survey

Gather valuable insights from your team with our pulse survey feature that enables you to make data-driven
decisions and take meaningful action.

Stay anonymously

Keep your identity hidden or unidentifiable to others.

Discover new insights

Gain a deeper understanding and new perspectives from data.

Understand your needs

Improve your teams performance by understand the problem.

Gain valuable insights with powerful data visualization

Analyse the results and turn insights into action plan. Quokka HR helps companies stay well informed so they can plan ahead.

Track progress and
responses in real time

No more worry about keeping track of all the responses and follow ups. All the information you need fits into one easy to use dashboard.

Employee engagement
should be constantly measured and improved

With Quokka, surveys can be conducted anonymously and more frequently, and data come in packed with insights. It's built for everyone in your organization and customized to your needs.

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