Align your teams,

Set and achieve measurable goals that enables better decision-making and drives improved outcomes.

Create faster OKR with AI

Save time with our AI OKR. Generate the OKR faster, measure the success with metrics, set targets and more with AI OKR.

Easily create and manage your OKRs

No more spreadsheet and cumbersome processes. Quokka provides you with a simple interface to help you roll out and manage OKRs frictionlessly, regardless of where your teams are.

Put goal setting into
everyone's playbook

Quokka makes goal setting part of your everyday. With check-in, status update and progress tracking, employees become more focused and engaged; and managers are always well informed.

Measure outcomes and
gain actionable insights

Monitor progress and understand roadblocks so you can address them before they turn into problems. Our flexible visibility settings allow companies to stay transparent while still retain the level of controls.

Bring everyone in your company on the same page

Align personal, team, department and company goals and move forward together as a team.

Set your metrics

Set your metrics based on your goals you want to achieve
and update it.

Check-in update

We integrate our OKR to check-in features which allow you to update your OKR from check-in with a single click.

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