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People Analytics

Manager Dashboard

Understand your team progress and performance with a quick snapshot, so leaders and managers can be more focused and productive.

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Measure employee engagement

Use our super easy survey module to measure employee engagement level across a a variety of research backed drivers such as sense of belonging, alignment, management support, teamwork and autonomy.
Our tools help leaders visualize the data and save you tons of time on analysis

Understand individual and team performance

Quokka helps companies understand their people's performance over time, continuously. With a holistic approach to data analytics, management will get insightful reporting across different employee activities on our platform, all in one place.

Advanced and bespoke analytics for corporates and enterprises

We understand the challenges for corporate and enterprise clients well. Standardized product often don't fit your use case, therefore we offer bespoke and highly customized solutions tailored made for large organizations. Whether you need machine learning, NLP, sentiment analysis, we can help you make it happen

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